Lansdowne Farmers' Market

Join us every Saturday in the heart of Lansdowne for terrific shopping and a great time, here in our superb suburb. Find local, in-season vegetables, fruits, and herbs, including organics and heirlooms; pasture-raised meat and poultry; free-range eggs; hormone-free cow and goat milks, yogurts, and cheeses; freshly baked breads and pastries; cupcakes; salads, entrees, and desserts for eating at the Market or taking home; infused oils; coffee, tea, and sodas; honey, cider, and fruit butters; plants and flowers; and loads of other stuff.

We feature an Artist and Musician every week. Specialty days are: First Market: May 28; Community Day #1: June 25; Kids Day: July 30; Community Day #2: August 27; Dog Day: September 24; Fall Festival / Community Day #3 / Last Regular Market: October 29; Bonus Thanksgiving Market: November 19.


Saturday 9am-1pm starting May 28 and running through October 29. 
Located across from the Lansdowne Theatre